Arlen the Anxious Alpaca is a picture book aimed at primary school aged children.


Arlen is a young Alpaca who lives on a farm and finds himself terrified when humans come to feed him and his friends treats. The story follows Arlen on his journey in overcoming his fear, with the help of an older Alpaca, Adam, who teaches him helpful tips. Initially, Arlen is unable to face up to the fear and hides away, but after using the helpful tips he learns along the way, Arlen starts to enjoy the visits from the humans. 


Arlen the Anxious Alpaca was written by a Mental Health Professional and £1 from the sale of every book goes to a Mental Health Charity, Isle Listen in the Isle of Man where the author is from.  If you buy it from us, £2 from the sale of every book goes to feeding and caring for the Bumblebarn Alpacas - who assist with therapeutic services to children and adults in Norfolk. 


Arlen the Anxious Alpaca - book