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Do you love Alpacas? Take part in our quiz for the chance to WIN an Alpaca Experience at Bumblebarn! 

Did you know? Alpacas can SPIT! Just like Camels and Llamas, who are part of the Camelid family too.

Bumble and Bee

Did you know? A baby Alpaca is called a Cria!  Alpacas are pregnant for almost a year before their babies are born and the cria stay with their mum for at least 6 months.

Bumblebarn Alpacas

Did you know? The average adult alpaca weighs around 70kg, that's the same as 700 muffins! 






Did you know? There are two main breeds of Alpaca, Suri and Huacaya. The Alpacas at Bumblebarn are all Huacaya. Huacaya wool is best for knitting and Suri wool is best for weaving. 









Did you know? The latin name for the Alpaca species is Vicugna Pacos!









Did you know? Alpacas need more sunlight than they get in cloudy England, so they have to have extra Vitamin D in the winter!






Did you know? Alpacas in the UK have to be registered with the BAS - the British Alpaca Society!





Did you know? Alpacas originally come from South America, where they are domesticated and kept for their fleece and meat. 






Did you know? Alpacas mainly eat grass, hay (which is dried grass) and small amounts of a special food just for them, which has the right vitamins and minerals they need. They also love carrots and apples! 

Muffins 2
Alpacas with their wool!
IMG_20190402_180452589_HDR (1).jpg
Our Wool at the East Anglian Alpaca Mill
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