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Therapeutic Services

Ryan & Lemmy

Therapeutic Walking & Talking Sessions with the Bumblebarn Alpacas

Bumblebarn are collaborating with Ryan Doubleday, the founder of Nature & Nurture Therapeutic Services!

Ryan will be offering his one-to-one support sessions while walking in North Norfolk’s beautiful natural surroundings, accompanied by a pair of our alpacas. These sessions give the individual space to unwind, vent, engage and talk about any situation in their life that they are struggling with and gain coping strategies. 

Ryan has developed a revolutionary approach to help people who may find traditional counselling/talking therapy methods too intimidating and intense. He is sure that not only will you feel a million miles away from your daily struggles, but you will feel re-energised and reinvigorated to go back and overcome any challenge.

Spending time in nature and with animals has been proven to be incredibly beneficial to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We know how much the animals benefit us and the people they interact with, and we are keen to make animal assisted activities and therapies even more accessible to those who need it. Please note that we can also offer seated therapeutic sessions in the alpaca field or cosy cabin if walking is not your preferred activity.

Check out Ryan’s website and, if you’re interested in Walking & Talking with the Alpacas (and Ryan!) please contact him for pricing and availability.

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