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Alpacas & Therapy

I'm looking for someone...!

As you may know, I'm exploring the uses of animals in therapeutic services and how we can offer their benefits to people.

I read last year, while doing research for my Animal Assisted Therapy qualification, about a therapist who was offering "walking and talking therapy". What a wonderful idea, I thought! I can imagine it being difficult sitting across the room from someone and talking about myself, but walking side-by-side, out in the fresh air, as if with a friend, sounds much more achievable.

I've found my lockdown walks to be an invaluable source of sanity, being able to see a friendly face (different to one of the ones I'm locked down with!) and chat about nothing and everything has probably kept me on an even keel mentally.

I know our alpaca experiences benefit people - I'm told so regularly, most recently by a lady who works within the NHS who said when she visited with her friends and family the grown ups enjoyed it just as much (if not more than!) the kids and they felt tremendously calm and happy out in the woods with an alpaca by their side.

How wonderful would it be if we could combine walking & talking therapy with alpacas?

I'm no therapist (although I'm happy to lend a non-judgemental ear if people feel compelled to talk) so I'm on the look out for a bona fide professional!

Are you a qualified, insured, therapist? Must be based in North Norfolk, and interested in (or already offering?) therapy sessions outdoors and are you interested in collaborating with myself and our alpacas? (and ponies, potentially?)

Please get in touch if you're interested in discussing how we can offer our services within North Norfolk.

If you're interested in accessing Animal Assisted Therapy at Bumblebarn, please contact me or join our mailing list to be the first to know as things happen!

Beckie x

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