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Important price information - and looking to 2024!

We're getting into the swing of the 2023 season here at Bumblebarn and, unbelievably, that means it's time to start thinking about 2024 - what?! Yes really, and we're actually late opening our calendar this year due to pricing uncertainty.

As well all know, prices are going up everywhere. I don't want to hike our prices, but our costs are increasing too so I need to find a balance...

Setting prices 12-18 months ahead is tricky and there's a lot to consider. All in all, it doesn't feel right to take a guess at an increase, so I have made a decision.

We are FREEZING our prices for now. 2024 stays can be booked at 2023 prices. Simply pay a 25% deposit to secure your booking and the frozen price. Balance payments will be due by 14 days before your arrival, as usual.

I imagine that the prices will have go up, but I will be deciding the amount at a later date once I've been able to review our costs and have a better idea of what's going on financially.

So prices for 2023 & 2024 currently:

3 night weekend (Friday to Monday) £300

4 night mid week (Monday to Friday) £300

7 night week (Monday or Friday arrival/depart) £550

All prices are per tent per stay inclusive of up to 5 guests. This includes bed linen, towels, tea/coffee/sugar, use of the Hive kitchen, use of the eco friendly facilities, play area, car park etc.

Remember - for group bookings Bumblebarn sleeps up to 20 people across our 4 bell tents and the dates that fill up first are summer holiday weekends! If you want to host a get together please get in touch to discuss options and I can reserve dates for you while you check with family and friends!

Beckie x

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