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UK Glamping - our Top 10 Tips!

We love Glamping here (obviously!) but whether it’s your first time or you’ve got some experience, there’s always something you’ve not thought of! Read on for our TOP TIPS for a successful Glamping stay (at Bumblebarn or elsewhere!). Big thanks to the followers of our Facebook page for some of these fantastic tips!

1. Take eggs already cracked into a bottle, ready to refrigerate and scramble when you’re ready for them. It saves trying to transport raw eggs anywhere (no one needs a mess like that to clear up in the car!)

2. Pack things like towels/blankets in a suction bag to save space in your suitcase.

3. Pre pack outfits in small bags together, for grab-and-go dressing (and easy spare outfits to pop into your bag before a day at the beach!)

4. Wide neck thermos flasks are a game changer! Cook hot dogs (the sort you boil) and put in a thermos with the hot water for a hot lunch out, alternatively you can use a (different) thermos to put freeeze pops in and they’ll still be frozen hours later!

5. Take a first aid kit with essentials such as bug spray, bite and sting relief cream and burn cream. This is useful for your days out as well!

6. Remember your phone chargers and other essential cords and plugs, including USB adaptable plugs or anything else you will not want to be without.

7. Check facilities before you go! Are there sockets in your accomodation? Is loo roll included? Will you have to walk a long way carrying your bags? Check our facilities at Bumblebarn by clicking here.

8. Pack for EVERY season! It’s not unusual for the British weather to go from sweltering to freezing in a short space of time, so prepare for every eventually!

9. Don’t forget a few essentials – even if everything is provided a bag full of useful extras may come in handy. Tweezers, nail clippers, a torch, matches, calpol/teething gel, plasters, painkillers, a pen knife, lip balm… whatever you consider essential!

10. Think about what you want out of your holiday (relaxing? Exploring? Discovering?) and plan accordingly. If you want a relaxing holiday, make sure to leave time for just chilling on site so you’re not racing from one activity to the next (that’s not relaxing!). If you want to explore the local area, have a list of ideas and places to go so you’re not dithering.

Don’t forget to HAVE FUN! That’s what Glamping is all about after all!

Beckie x

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