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Black Friday - keep it small

I've got my eye on a Lego set for my son. It's pricey, but I know he'll get hours of enjoyment from it. I've been trawling eBay looking for a second hand set as I like the eco-friendly value of second hand shopping and the lower-than-new-price is a bonus too! (If you don't know, I used to be a Charity Shop Manager before I had my children, I love a bargain!) However I'm struggling to find a set which goes for much less than new, which is frustrating, and I keep missing out in the last few seconds!

While perusing the Lego website checking the codes of the exact set he desires, I noticed a big banner - BLACK FRIDAY DEALS!

Now, I'm not generally a fan of Black Friday or other consumerist celebrations - you'll never find me up at 4am for the January sales or elbowing people out of the way to get my hands on some new gadget - but the idea of saving significantly is attractive right now.

So I've signed up for the email alert and hope to swoop in like a Lego obsessed Magpie to secure it for Christmas Day.

It doesn't sit right, Black Friday, however I think I'm working out why.

It's great to get a big discount from a big retailer, they usually have a big profit margin which they can afford to lose some of in order to encourage more sales. They won't lose out, they're still profiting. However if we expect the same discounts from smaller businesses, then they may be losing out in the hope that you'll return and pay full price, or buy more because of the saving.

This is why we won't be offering any Black Friday discounts on our Glamping, Alpaca Experiences or shop items. They're already sold with a smaller profit margin, a margin which is essential to keep our business afloat and our animals eating. It's not earning us thousands, it's not paying for anything other than essentials, we're not getting rich from your money (and we aren't stashing it in an offshore account or avoiding paying tax either!) and we appreciate every single sale, no matter how small.

So if you want a new vacuum, a games console or a mobile this Black Friday - go for it! But consider the size of the business before your consider the discount.


Beckie x

(p.s. you can shop our (undiscounted!) range here or view our Gift Vouchers here, Thank You)

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