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Experiences are for life, not just for Christmas

As I write this it's late on the 15th December and I've just realised that in 10 days time Christmas day will be nearly over.

The last few years have flown by, and if there's one thing I've notice it's that - particularly since Covid - people are looking for experiences over things.

The time we spend together means far more than any gift, and the memories we make last for a lifetime.

This Christmas, I'd rather have experiences than things. A family member recently bought us membership to a local zoo, so we could drop in whenever we fancy a few hours out. It's a fantastic gift and will be so appreciated.

Our Alpaca Experiences have been popular since we started in 2019, and when we reopened after the first Covid lockdown I wasn't sure if people would be that keen on going for a walk with their family that they'd been stuck in with for months! I was blown away by the response, people couldn't wait to come and have a family walk somewhere different, and with alpacas (and who can blame them?!)

We have Gift Vouchers available via email (or post in normal times, but please don't order by post right now for Christmas as we cannot guarantee delivery) and offer these different options:

Alpaca Amble - a shorter walk and suitable for all ages

1-4 people walking 2 alpacas - £30

5 - 8 people walking 3 alpacas - £40

Alpaca Trek - a longer walk suitable for age 10+

1 - 4 people walking 2 alpacas - £40

3 - 6 people walking 3 alpacas - £60

4 - 8 people walking 4 alpacas - £80

All experiences are guided by myself or one of my staff and take place at Bumblebarn, Sheringham, Norfolk.

Gift Vouchers can be purchased online here

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year!

Beckie x

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