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Homeschooling, Zoom Chats & Alpacas...

Happy 2021!

So, a new lockdown! Well it's not what I asked for the New Year to bring but I hope it helps towards the ultimate goal of a COVID free country and a return to some semblance of "normal" (whatever that may be!).

I know plenty of people enjoy a lockdown, and it must be pretty nice if you're furloughed, home with your loved ones, time to relax and rejuvenate and go on lovely walks in the (local) area... I'm not saying that's fantastic - people are getting ill and dying - but there are positives to be found in a different pace of life, even temporarily.

Unfortunately, for a lot of people, lockdown isn't remotely lovely. It's hard. Hard on finances, hard on work, hard on family, hard on mental health and just all around hard.

For businesses like ours it's hard too, I work for Bumblebarn but I'm not employed by the company, so I've not been furloughed. I'm not earning, the business isn't earning, we have animal expenses as well as costs associated with opening for another year of Glamping in April (everything crossed!) and I don't know if we're eligible for any grants yet.

So, in light of things being hard for us and everyone else, I'm doing the only thing in my power to A) bring in income and B) help people smile - ALPACAS ON ZOOM!

Zoom has become an integral part of people's lives over the past 10 months, so if you can't come and see the alpacas for real - zoom them!

Book a time slot (between 10 and 2 is best for the daylight!) and a day, I'll set up a zoom meeting and send you the link, you send a donation of your choice (we want this to be accessible and affordable for everyone, we don't judge) which goes towards the alpacas carrots, feed, hay and bedding, and then get on zoom and meet me and them!

I'll introduce you to them all, show you them eating some carrots and chilling in the field, have a cuddle with them for you and you can ask questions if you want to.

I've already had people say they're going to use Alpacas as a Home School project - I'll be doing a follow up post on that later! - and culminate with a zoom to "meet" them!

Zoom calls last around 20-30 minutes

Contact me to request your preferred dates!

All the best

Stay Safe

Beckie x

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