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Summer plans

Well... What a year it has been!

Just over a year since our first covid case in the country and things have changed beyond all recognition.

Last summer we made the call to not open for the season back in May. I still wonder if it was too hasty, but we felt it was the right call to keep the people safe in our local area.

This year we really, really need to open. Financially we won't be able to stay in business otherwise, and we owe it to our guests who were incredible in moving their bookings a year ahead.

I also believe that we will have a summer season this year, after all there was one last year even if we didn't take part! It would be silly of us to NOT open when we can, but it will require careful thought and planning.

We are currently still planning to be ready to open as of Easter Weekend (beginning of April) however I feel it is quite unlikely we will be permitted to open before some time in May (based on no official evidence, before anyone assumes anything!).

I am preparing to get the whole site ready for Easter regardless (a mammoth task) but simultaneously preparing to email my April bookings to cancel and refund them... it's an unenviable position I'm sure you'll agree.

In preparation for opening I have ordered several automatic hand sanitiser dispensers for the washing up station, toilets, hive kitchen, shop and alpaca field. There is new signage on the way and I'm working on a new hive kitchen design to minimise contact between groups.

It's very difficult for those of us who have shared facilities as well as those of us who host group bookings, we just don't know what the rules will be and I worry every day about what will be brought in and who we will have to contact and disappoint. I personally know two ladies who have booked 40th birthday celebrations here for this summer - if groups aren't allowed I'll have to cancel their parties. I know this is for the benefit of everyone and I agree that if the numbers and the science says so then it must be done to keep everyone safe, but it doesn't change how it's me who'll be disappointing them (and refunding them too).

So, I don't have all the answers. Not by a long shot. But I promise to do the best I can with the information given to us to ensure that you can stay safe AND have your holiday at Bumblebarn in 2021.

If you have any queries, concerns, thoughts, ideas, diagrams or doodles on the subject please feel free to get in touch and share them with me!

Chin up

Spring is just around the corner

Beckie x

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