The world of Alpaca Crafting

I've been busy this summer learning new things, I started like many others with a few e-courses, then one led to an actual physical course (felt like a holiday I can tell you!), and then it was teaching myself to needlefelt using youtube - it's been fun!

With the reopening of our Alpaca Experiences in July we've had SO many wonderful visitors, all keen to learn more about these fabulous animals and their place in our world.

So we've launched new Craft Sessions! Add a craft on to your visit and spend extra time here with the alpacas learning something new yourself.

We've tried to make our first foray into craft offerings as inclusive as possible, with crafts for all ages and all suitable for beginners!

Read on to see what we're offering and then contact me to book!

Alpaca Collage

Suitable for little ones up to 6 years old

Use natural materials found on our walk or around the paddock, raw alpaca fleece and your choice of craft materials to decorate your very own card alpaca to take home! Cut it out, hang it up, make a stand, you decide how your alpaca looks and how to display it!


Approx 1/2hr

Clay Animals

Suitable for age 3+ (adults too!)

Using natural materials found on our walk or around the paddock, raw alpaca fleece and your choice of craft materials you can have a go at turning a 200g piece of natural, air drying clay into anything you wish! An alpaca? A new creature? Something totally different?


Less than 1hr

Needlefelted flowers

Suitable for beginners age 12+

A brilliant introduction to the craft of Needlefelting! Learn the basics and make up to 3 flowers to take home and display, using raw alpaca fleece and materials from our craft box.


Up to 1hr

Needlefelt an Alpaca Head

Suitable for beginners age 18+

Learn something new and Needlefelt your very own alpaca out of raw alpaca fleece! Your new fluffy friend will come with a keyring attachment clip so you can hang or utilise it how you wish.


Approx 1hr

Beckie x

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