Well. What can I say. This whole Corona Virus situation has just gone WHOOOOOOSH and taken off. It feels like yesterday it was the first week of January and talk of some virus on the other side of the world was a bit of a "uh oh it's a new plague" JOKE

But fast forward just over 8 weeks and it really is the end of the world - as we know it anyway.

We made the decision - just before it was made for us - not to open in April as planned for our Glamping season. Initially we thought we could open in May instead, but things have moved so fast we now know that it is likely we won't be open before July... if at all this year.

I know most of you will feel like I do - nothing's ever moved this fast or been so all-consuming! Brexit has nothing on this...!

So, we are not opening our Glamping site yet and are not running Alpaca Experiences for the foreseeable... Please follow our Facebook page for updates .

In the meantime we are left with bills to pay and hungry mouths to feed - we don't have to do laundry and changeovers but the Alpacas and other animals need daily care and food whether we are open or not!

We are a tiny, family run business. We don't pay ourselves any wages yet and we spend all our income on improvements every winter. This should be the start of our third season and we should be getting ready to show off our work but instead we are rescheduling bookings and kissing goodbye to income that we had been counting on.

I know this is a tough time for so many, but if you have the means to support us right now please consider buying a gift voucher for an Alpaca Experience or Glamping holiday - you'll get to enjoy it in the happier, easier times to come (they will come) and we get the cash now to pay the feed, vet and insurance bills that can't wait.

Or you can make a booking - 2020 bookings have been frozen but you can book for 2021 and pay just a 50% deposit now.

Other (FREE!) ways to support us include liking, commenting and sharing our posts on social media and writing reviews for us (only if you've actually been here though!) on Facebook, TripAdvisor or Google.

Thank you all, stay safe

Beckie x

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