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Home Schooling... and a new Challenge!

Everybody ready for another week of Home Schooling?!

I can almost hear the collective groaning!

Honestly, Home Education as we normally do it is so much easier than the current situation of Home Schooling many people around the country are currently finding themselves in. I salute you, parents who have had to become teachers overnight! It's hardly like you can go to the library, museum, zoo, historical site, alpaca trekking business etc...!

So, I have decided to set a new challenge for this week. After the success of last weeks thoroughly enjoyable Alpaca Collage Challenge (see my previous post for the wonderful entries!) this weeks challenge is... A QUIZ!

It's a quiz with a difference however, I want all kids (anyone under 18 is allowed) to write their own quiz and then... QUIZ THEIR GROW UPS!

And also... QUIZ ME!

I have been asked some wonderful questions in the last two weeks that we have been offering zoom meetings and I've enjoyed having my alpaca knowledge tested, so I'd love it if you could really push the boat out and try and ask me some really difficult or off-piste questions - it'll keep me sharp!

There will be a prize for the quiz I judge to be most difficult while still being fair and accurate (no questions like "what's my imaginary alpacas favourite variety of apple?")

Please send me your quizzes (and in an ideal world you'll also send me a video of you quizzing your grown up/ups!) by 3pm Friday 22nd January and the winner will be announced on Saturday 23rd.

By sending your videos and quizzes you consent to me sharing them on social media/this blog.

Thank you and good luck!!

Beckie x

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