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Lockdown 2

Well well well, another lockdown. I'm not overly surprised, neither will I waste time talking about it because I expect everyone is fed up with discussing it by now!

We have had to close our Alpaca Experiences once again. Our Glamping site, which we kept closed this year, would have already been closed by now for the winter. This is both a blessing (no bookings to reschedule!) and a curse (we can't apply for financial help for it, and we can't apply for financial help for the loss of income from the alpacas either).

We hope to be able to reopen our Alpaca Experiences from December 2nd and are fully booked for Saturdays and holiday dates in December and January - yay! We should also have some mid week dates available, but we aren't taking any bookings until we have the go-ahead to reopen.

Glamping should still be on track to reopen at the start of April 2021 and we have LOTS of bookings for next summer, many due to people rescheduling their holidays from 2020 (thank you! It made all the difference!) and other due to people wanting something to look forward to! There are a few weekends left and a few mid week dates, particularly in April and May, but overall it's very full. This is great to see and we can't wait to welcome you all and be open again!

We are taking bookings for 2022 as well, I can't even believe that it's possible to plan that far ahead! But our calendar is open and the dates are there to book with a 50% deposit. The prices have been held for 2021 but have had to rise for 2022. This was partly planned for 2021 which, as our fourth year in business, I had high hopes for but due to the loss of earnings over this year and predicted loss for next, it's not meant to be. We will always remain affordable and providing exceptional service, and in 2022 we will also be able to up the standard even further for our guests, more to follow!

We hope to be able to offer more Alpaca Experiences in 2021 and to be offering more to adult education groups like the ones we have worked with this year before this second lockdown. We are able to tailor meets, activities, walks and crafts to all ages and abilities and have found such joy in sharing alpacas with people who may not normally get to hang out with these cool animals. Please get in touch if you are involved with a social enterprise, care group, activity club, or any type or organisation that may like to visit our alpacas! We will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Our visits to care and residential homes have, naturally, grounded to a halt but we have a booking for post-lockdown and have everything crossed we can make it there to spread some alpaca joy before Christmas! Again, please get in touch if this is something you may be interested in booking us for. We also have miniature ponies in training who will be licensed to do visits in the New Year.

So that's my little update, we are keeping on keeping on and I hope you are too.

Beckie x

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