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The C Word

Hey all!

Well it only JUST turned September and before I knew what was happening it was the 21st - what?!

I have SO much to get out and talk about but have to focus on one thing at a time or I'll go round in circles and nothing will get done (story of my life it seems!)

So this post is specifically about... CHRISTMAS.

Yep, sorry about that! It's getting closer and, with everything that's gone on this year and the looming potential of another lockdown or restrictions on family visiting thing year I reckon it's going to be an odd one.

I still want it to be as festive and fun as ever, and will be working my hardest to ensure that it can be! I have ideas about alpacas with antlers and flasks of hot beverages... follow our Facebook page for more (you heard it here first!)

BUT in the mean time I have made a practical start for the festive season by adding NEW christmas themed vouchers to our shop!

They have a red background with a fairy light and holly design, but have no santa or christmas specific wording so are suitable for all festive season celebrations!

These are now available for the first time as 3 separate vouchers

- Meet & Greet (£10)

- Meet & Greet with MINI WALK (£20)

- Alpaca Experience (£30)

We also have non-themed vouchers and Glamping vouchers available, SHOP HERE!

They are subject to COVID restrictions limiting them to a group of up to 5 but this will change as restrictions change. They are valid for a whole year so hopefully if you can't get together at Christmas you will be able to soon, and could enjoy the experience together.

Please contact me with any questions or requests!


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